Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles, how can I tell the difference between the lot? Are you left feeling a little puzzled yourself? So many puzzles to choose from that you don’t know where to start? Have a quick look through the following categories to get an idea of what’s what in the world of puzzles!

Cast Metal and Metal Disentanglement Puzzles
The Hanayamer range, from quite simple like Violin and possibly even Dolce to the wonderful challenge of Spiral and Baroq, these puzzles feel great in the hand with the satisfyingly weighty feel of the metal, and they really will keep you occupied. Eureka Brass, a lovely collection of brass puzzles to suit all tastes. Executive Aluminium and Chrome ranges, the M&W was the first puzzle we ever bought and as you can see, it certainly got us hooked! The executive puzzles from Eureka offer a wide selection of puzzles which vary in difficulty and style, they also look great on the office desk! Professor Puzzle collection, the original nail puzzles now also have some chrome additions to keep us happy. Some of the Nail puzzles can also be customised for promotional use.

Wooden Disentanglement Puzzles
The Mad Cow range, these are mainly ring and string, or wood and string. They appeal to all ages and come in varying degrees of difficulty. The easier ones like the Bilateral are a great introduction to puzzles for children. The more difficult ones like Log Pile really do pose a challenge for even the most seasoned puzzler. Many of the Mad Cow range can also be customised for promotional purposes.

Coffee Table Puzzles
The beautiful hand crafted wooden puzzles from Pentangle will look great anywhere. But looks can be deceiving, they also offer quite a challenge (look at Scotts Enigma and 13th Labour of Hercules). The Eureka Executive range also fall into this category, the Globe Jigsaw and Oskar's Cube being excelent examples of this. Maxton’s unique brass and aluminium puzzle sculptures take puzzles to new heights with their beauty and amazing attention to detail, these truly are Puzzle Art.

Mini Puzzles
Pentangle Mini puzzles and the Eureka Mini Wire puzzles, are perfect introductions to puzzles for all ages. But again, looks can be deceiving, and some of these are really rather tricky. For a slightly different puzzle, check out the Pentangle Mini Ace of Diamonds, it kept us mentally absorbed for longer than any of us would care to admit!

Puzzles, puzzles & even more puzzles!

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