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Nail jailNail Jail

Nail BiterNail Biter

Last nail in the coffinLast nail in the coffin

All four of the above puzzles + a bonus puzzle - Bed of nails box set

Box of 5 nail puzzles Bed of nails

Nails are 15cm long.

QuandaryThe Quandary Puzzle

StingThe Sting Puzzle
The Dead RingerThe Dead Ringer Puzzle

EnigmaEnigma Puzzle

The BoomerangThe Boomerang Puzzle
The ClawsThe Claws Puzzle
The SwitchThe Switch Puzzle
The TriangleThe Triangle Puzzle

Metal Mayhem Puzzles Difficult RangeMetal Mayhem Puzzles Difficult Range

Metal Mayham Puzzles Extreme RangeMetal Mayham Puzzles Extreme Range

The Puzzling Professors Puzzles For KidsThe Puzzling Professors Puzzles For Kids

The Ring LeaderThe Ring Leader Puzzle
MenaceThe Menace Puzzle
Lab - The AtomLab - The Atom Puzzle Picture
Kids - Sense SizzlerSense Sizzler Puzzle Picture
Kids - Mind MuddlerMind Muddler Puzzle Picture
Kids - Brain BafflerBrain Baffler Puzzle Picture
Kids - Head SpinnerHead Spinner Puzzle Picture
Lab - The ParticleLab - The Particle Puzzle Picture
Lab - The CellLab - The Cell Puzzle Picture

Lab - The MoleculeLab - The Molecule Puzzle Picture