Why try to solve a puzzle?

‘A difficult or confusing problem; an enigma. A problem or toy designed to test knowledge or ingenuity. To confound or disconcert mentally. To require much thought to comprehend, solve or understand by hard thought.’

This is how puzzles are described in the dictionary, so if it’s such hard work and mentally confusing, why would anyone even want to try to solve a puzzle?

From the earliest times, mankind has possessed the need to be tested both physically and mentally, and although it may well be tempting at times to use brute force on our puzzle collection, it is through mental agility and lateral thinking that you will solve even the most taxing puzzle.

Wooden Puzzles Or Metal Puzzles?

This comes down to personal choice. Puzzles are by their very nature quite tactile items. Some puzzlers prefer the feel of finely crafted wood, whilst others are drawn to the cold feel of metal and the sound it makes as you hurl it out of the window in complete frustration!

Do Puzzles make good presents?

We all have at least one person in our lives who is impossible to buy presents for. Here’s your opportunity to surprise and even delight! I am yet to find someone who is completely unchallenged when faced with a really good puzzle. Your criteria for choosing a puzzle could simply be by the look of the puzzle, the level of difficulty, or even by the price!

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