Promotional Puzzles & Corporate Gifts

Puzzle This supplies corporate gifts, promotional puzzles, and puzzles for use in company team training situations. Promotional puzzles can be branded with your company logo, slogan or contact details. Below are some examples of our most popular promotional puzzles.

The Stick Puzzle

Promo Nail Puzzle - headPromo Nail Puzzle - fobPromo Cube Puzzle

Note: Most of the larger Mad Cow and Lagoon Puzzles can also be printed on.

Why not a pen or a mouse-mat?

A cleverly chosen puzzle will project the message your company needs. A stylish tactile and visual object speaks volumes and demonstrates innovation and individuality.

Unlike the usual branded products and give-aways, a puzzle will be passed from person to person, capturing imaginations along the way and becoming a talking point, raising your company profile in the process. From quirky to classic in design, a puzzle can project the image you want.

How successful would a puzzle be for Team Training?

Puzzles are extremely successful in Team Training situations. The creative process required to find the solution promotes a stimulating environment within small teams, developing confidence and enabling lateral thinking skills, which will translate into success for your business.

For further information, and quotes on our promotional and corporate range either send an email to or call Sarah on 01428 714380.

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